What is WPA3 and Why is it Important to Us?

WPA3 for Business

WPA3 Security is the next generation Wi-Fi security standard to harden your business and IOT wireless networks. WPA3 builds on the existing WPA2 to deliver a host of features to simplify Wi-Fi security configuration and enhance Wi-Fi network security protections by:

  1. Using the latest security methods
  2. Delivering more resilient password-based authentication
  3. Providing stronger security protection against password guessing attempts by third parties and greater cryptographic strength for government, defense, and other security-sensitive environments
  4. Disallowing outdated legacy protocols
  5. Requiring use of Protected Management Frames (PMF) to maintain resiliency of mission critical networks.

WPA3 Security is Important

Wi-Fi is an integral part of daily business and securing Wi-Fi connections is an important element of securing data. As businesses continue to look toward optimizing their work environments, streamlining operations, enhancing customer service, and securing assets, they need to be able to securely handle greater capacity demand.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, a trade group that oversees WPA3 announced the broad outline in January but does not expect broad implementation until late 2019 at the earliest. Soon after that transition, compliance and governance regulations (such as PCI, ISO, HIPPA, etc.) will standardize and require WPA3. Because WPA2 is now hackable, Enterprise Unified Solutions views this change as a long-overdue improvement to the technology you use more than almost any other.

wpa3 flickr photo by trendingtopics shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license