The CopperStealer Malware That’s Affecting Big Tech

CopperStealer is a new Chinese-based malware that has infected up to 5,000 hosts each day since it was first documented in late January, 2021. It has stolen the credentials of users from many major platforms, including the following: Amazon Apple Bing Facebook Google Instagram PayPal Tumblr Twitter Twitter user TheAnalyst reported CopperStealer to Proofpoint on January 29, 2021, according to …

The Executive Order that will Require Software Vendors to Notify Government of Cybersecurity Breaches

The Biden administration is planning to issue an executive order that will require many software vendors to provide notification when they experience a data breach, according to a recent draft. Reuters reported on March 25, 2021 that the order will affect companies whose customers include agencies of the federal government. The administration could issue the order as early as March …

The “Android Update” that’s actually Malware

Researchers at Zimperium zLabs have discovered a sophisticated Android app that masquerades as a software update. It appears to be an update for the Android mobile operating system (OS), but it actually exfiltrates data about users and their mobile devices. This malware is similar to other Android apps that Google discovered in its Play Store during early March 2021, which …

Microsoft Exchange Server Continues to be Hacked at an Alarming Rate

Microsoft has identified multiple 0-day attacks against on-premises versions of Microsoft Exchange Server. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities that allow attackers to access email accounts. They’re then able to install additional malware that provides them with additional capabilities through these accounts. The attackers include multiple state-sponsored groups that have targeted tens of thousands of Exchange servers throughout the world.

How to Minimize the Impact of Severe Weather on IT Systems

Every year, severe weather events result in human and economic losses. While there is no way to stop these events, companies can minimize their impact on IT systems. Here are some ways you can prepare your IT systems and your employees for weather disasters.