Windows 11: The next Generation

Windows 11 is the next major version of Windows NT and will be the successor to Windows 10, which was initially released in 2015. Microsoft formally announced its release in June 2021, although rumors regarding Windows 11 had been building for months before that. Microsoft expects to release Windows 11 in late 2021 as a free upgrade through Windows Update …

Ransomware is Evolving to New Heights

Ransomware has changed very quickly during the last few years. This type of malware is known for its data encryption element, but that tactic is being replaced by outright extortion. This evolution has gained the attention of system administrators, who will need to develop new defenses against this latest addition to the ransomware landscape.

Phishing Deep Dive: What Is Phishing?

If you ask three people what phishing is, you’ll likely get three very different answers. To understand what phishing is, you have to look at the past. Discover how phishing evolved into the three types of phishing scams being carried out today.

100 Million Android Users’ Data Affected with these Misconfigured Apps

Mobile app developers may have exposed the personal data of over 100 million Android users to malicious actors, according to Check Point Research (CPR). The app research firm discovered multiple vulnerabilities resulting from misconfigured third-party cloud services after examining 23 Android applications. The compromised personal data included chat messages, emails, geographic locations, passwords and photos.

To Pay or Not to Pay: That is the Question That Ransomware Victims Must Answer

Colonial Pipeline Company recently paid $4.4 million dollars to get its data back after a ransomware attack, rekindling the debate of whether companies should give in to cybercriminals’ demands. Find out why some companies decide to pay the ransom while others do not. Most people never heard of the Colonial Pipeline Company before May 2021, even though it transports 45% …

An Attack that Strips Away SSL (https) Status

Malicious actors have been adding their own servers to the Tor network since January 2020, generally for the purpose of intercepting traffic from users accessing cryptocurrentcy sites. Once the attackers add a server to the network, they mark it as an exit relay. This action anonymizes the traffic passing through the affected server before it enters the public internet. The …

A Recent Hack Reveals Access was Gained to their Source Code and several other organizations have recently suffered a cyberattack through Codecov, a popular code coverage tool. The attackers accessed a read-only version of the source code for the company’s self-named software, which is a project management tool for enterprises that also facilitates collaboration between team members. served 100,000 clients as of 2020, including both technical and non-technical organizations.